Guidelines for Submission

General Requirements

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • We accept only material that has not been previously published. Copyright remains with the creator.
  • Your submission must be accompanied by a release form. We request biographical information if you are a first-time submitter or if you wish to update your biography.
  • See our website ( if you wish to submit your work electronically. All submission forms and payment options are available in a one-stop shop.

There is a required submission fee of $10 per person. The fee entitles you to submit the following:

  • Writers can submit up to three prose entries or five poems.
  • Artists can submit up to four pieces of artwork.
  • If you wish to submit both written work and visual art, there is a separate $10 fee for each category.


  • Entries are limited to 3000 words. We may choose to consider a longer form, depending on available space. Please contact us before submitting any work in excess of 3000 words.
  • Submissions must be in final form, including title of work. No changes to the work will be accepted after submission unless revisions are requested by the editors.
  • For each piece of prose or poetry, you must submit a separate file in Word format. Files may be submitted electronically through the form on our website, as an email attachment or mailed on a disk. Do not submit work within the text of an email. Do not combine entries into a single file. If you need assistance with electronic copies, please contact us.
  • Every piece submitted must have a unique title. Each file should use the following format: Writer’s last name, Writer’s first initial – Title of Work.
  • Do not include your name and phone number within the electronic files. Do not use pagination, headers or footers in the electronic files.
  • In an effort to preserve our forests, please do not send hard (paper) copies unless special formatting is needed. If hard copies are necessary, they should be paginated, with your name on each page.

Visual Artists

  • Electronic files are required; do not send originals. Acceptable formats for files are TIFF, EPS or JPEG. Files should be submitted with a CMYK color profile and with a resolution of 300dpi. Preferred file size is 1200x1800 pixels and proximately an 6M files. Reproduction size is 4"x6”.

NOTE: East on Central will be offering the services of a professional on three dates to photograph your work for a fee of $40. This will ensure that we receive files that meet our requirements. You, the artist, will receive a CD containing your own art files. Watch our website for dates and information.

  • Every piece submitted MUST have a unique title. Each file should have a name specific to the artwork and artist. The file should use the following format: Artist’s last name, Artist’s first initial – Title of Work. Generic processing numbers, e.g., IMG_xxx, are not acceptable. If you need assistance with electronic files, please contact us.
  • All color files should be accompanied by a color print of the art for proofing purposes. We will do our best to match your proof and reproduce your artwork as beautifully as possible. However, please be aware that the printing process cannot guarantee color or contrast reproduction.
  • On physical items, have your name, phone number, and title of the piece on each submitted work. Be sure to indicate the proper orientation by writing “top” at the top of the photo.


  • In the case of work submitted by a writer and a visual artist together as a collaborative piece, the submission should be limited in size to the length of four journal pages for combined artwork and writing. The work will be judged by both literary and visual art committees and must be accepted by both, unless either contributor indicates publication of his/her individual part of the collaboration is acceptable. The editors may choose to accept some, not necessarily all, of the submitted artwork.

To Submit

Follow our online submission process linked on our website


email visual art submission form or literary submission form and your submissions to


mail visual art submission form or literary submission form and your submissions to

East on Central Association
P.O. Box 181
Highland Park, IL 60035

Release forms must be signed and mailed. Disks, photos and paper copies become the property of East on Central and cannot be returned. They will not be accepted by email unless the signature has been scanned.

You will be contacted once our decisions have been made. Please do not contact us to ask about the status of your submission. We are not staffed to respond to such inquiries. Entries are due by March 1, 2019; publication will be September 2019.

Any questions? Contact us at or 847-834-9298.