Two Left, Two Right by Elinor Bayliss

“Pocket Lint” by Pamela Larson

Tonight they’re serving steak
at the diner.
I take a seat at the counter
because when you’re alone
on a busy night
you’re a waste of a booth.
Since it’s a night with a good special
the menu snoozes in its stand
and I gaze at it
jealous that it doesn’t care
if lover’s eyes will ever watch it sleep
or hold it close through the night.


Series #8 by Carol Austin

“Rimbaud” by Ron Levitsky

So Anya and I were reading in bed. Caught as always by the curve of her breast, I tried putting my arm around her. But this time her body stiffened, and I knew it was over. I wasn’t surprised. If it hadn’t been Torvald, it would have been someone else.

Sure enough, the next afternoon when I returned to the coffee shop and walked upstairs to my apartment, Anya’s possessions were gone. The only thing left behind was a black silk stocking trailing like a languid exclamation point over one of the open drawers.


“Sundressed” by Edward Kaufman

Mozart Concerto for Three Pianos in F Major K.242 (“Lodron”)

Twists, braids and bows
swept back
in undulating flows.
Silky, swept back,
like melted butter,
cascading down,
falling softly
upon her sundrenched,
sundressed back.

Emma and Me by Polina Reisman

“Be a Penguin in a Palm Tree” by Dave Shorr

Keep talking to yourself
I won’t judge
Be foreign and unique
Seven days a week
put sunflowers in ice cream
lavender leaves on pizza


Final Call by Nealy Moekler

“itch” by Amelia Cotter

of old wounds
I pick myself

Garden Shoe by Abby Neumann

“it felt appropriate” by Michelle Brinckerhoff

that I fell in the muddy grass
while walking in the light rain
to my grandfather’s casket
at the cemetery

my stupid heels dug into the earth
and my ankles wouldn’t cooperate
down I went
nylons, navy blue dress, and all

I am always awkward
even in grief
it seems there are no exceptions


Loxahatchee Embellished by Adrienne Aaronson

“Shades of Summer” by Charlotte Digregorio

Homebound, looking out
onto snowdrifts,
I unspool July.

The cardinal blazes in flight.
A scarlet butterfly, dappled white,
claims a yellow crocus.