“Dark Character” by Mary Jane Gabrielsen

I don’t know about you,
the way you hang beneath
trees. You lie under our
stars knotted like an empty
hammock, stilled by the moon.

Do you believe in

I don’t know about your
character in the moonlight.
Do you dream of swinging
high into the sky, catch
stars, stuffing them into
deep, green pockets?

Do you wait for a sign to
look beyond starless dreams,
your pockets star-studded
seams? I don’t know about
your character in uncertain
night, smitten in
dreams. Do you press a
button, let funnel clouds
pass by unnoticed?
In moonlight, far from
crowded streets, I know
you’re there, far from
the sting of bees and
sweet buzz of honey.
I believe you, the character
in the shadow, the whistler
of a hot kettle,
the halo in a slow,
moving cloud.