Going Home by Robert Laemle

"Vanity of Vanities" by Lois Barr

Nuestras vidas son los ríos/que van a dar en la mar,/que es el morir, Jorge Manrique
To everything turn! Turn! Turn! Pete Seeger

I am Kohelet

son of David so to speak

a heavy burden for any poet

a heavy burden for any poet

I have feasted and fasted

massed great wealth

and forsaken it all


Fire Madonna by Ruti Modlin

"The Sound of Immortality" by Betsy Katz

We are the stories we hear and repeat

They say as much about us

as the subjects described

Parents, grandparents, children, friends;

journeys, recipes, laughter, love

shouted forward in time capsules of words

uttered around tables, on the corner, down the row


Ferris Wheel Ketubah by Judith Joseph

"Dark Character" by Mary Jane Gabrielsen

I don’t know about you,

the way you hang beneath

trees. You lie under our

stars knotted like an empty

hammock, stilled by the moon.


Norse Witch by Clark Ellithorpe

"After a Seder" by Don Shearn

“Hey, c’mon now. You didn’t find the afikoman, sure, but we’re required to rejoice. After all, we’re not in Egypt anymore.“

“Speak for yourself.”

“Listen, I feel bad. I don’t want to leave you this way. Do you want to do something? Maybe go to the Gold Coin and have some matza brei. Beat the morning rush.”

 “No, that’s nice, Krinsky. I’ve got some brooding to do,” said Catherine.


Blue Mesa by Ursula Jonas

"Portrait of the Artiste" by Carol Spielman Lezak

Coming from a long line of artists,

it was beyond disappointing

to have been born with no talent.

The lithe pen of her mother,

whose airy sketches delighted.

The intense expressionism of her father,

whose canvases once seen were never forgotten.


The Model by Fred Lowenthal

"Transfixed, Gothenburg, Neb" by Michael F. Simon

Likely a first encounter starts with torn pants

and a cut, stuff’s just everywhere, even

places no one has any reason to stop

anything. It’s right up there with creosote

and smallpox as a weapon to domesticate

the West.


Salt Field Worker by Allen Cohen

"Obituary" by Gary Davis

 The music world was saddened to learn of the death last week of Elvis Aaron Presley, beloved American composer and performer. Speaking to the press outside the family home near Lausanne, Switzerland, a Presley family spokesperson confirmed that the reclusive composer died in his sleep, surrounded by family and friends. Presley was 77 years old.